Characteristics of Psychopaths

Aggressive, callous, and cunning

Complete absence of conscience and empathy

Very adept at manipulating others

Willingness to engage in immoral, criminal conduct

Willingness to take what they want and do as they please, regardless of who is hurt or wronged

Deceptive ability to appear outwardly benevolent

Deceptive ability to behave in superficially charming ways to hide purely selfish motives

Willingness to use intimidation and violence to control others in order to satisfy their own needs

Willingness to intentionally violate the basic inherent human rights of others

Complete absence of any sense of guilt or remorse for the harm their actions have caused to others

Rationalization of their own immoral behavior

Will attempt to lay blame upon someone else for their own conduct

Denial – will deny their own wrongdoings outright

Utter contemptuousness toward the feelings and desires of their fellow beings

Pathological lying – will say anything without any concern for truth to advance their own hidden agendas

Ability to feign normal human emotions, including empathy

Distorted sense of the consequences of their actions

Total failure to accept any responsibility for their own social irresponsible ways

Strong belief that they will never be brought to justice for their criminal behavior

Relationships Between Fictional Characters

Hero vs Villain – Enemies

Heroine and sidekick

Childhood friends

Bitter rivals

Worthy adversaries

Love interest or ex-lovers

Secret admirer



Bound by a common trauma

Band of brothers



Mentor and apprentice

Stalker and victim

Tips for Fight Scenes

If you get punched in the nose, your eyes will water a lot, even if it didn’t really hurt

Your body follows your head. Your head gets pushed one way, your body will want to go that way.

Getting hit in the stomach isn’t good, it hurts. Getting hit in the diaphragm (between stomach and chest) is worse. Causes your lungs to kind of spasm and make it hard to breathe.

When fighting a larger person, they will have an easier time forcing you back.

The jaw is the knockout button. Hit it hard enough, and you’re down for the count.

Back of the head is very vulnerable. Can cause serious damage if hit there.

Kidney punches hurt a lot

People with experience will try to be where they are comfortable. A wrestler will fry to get their opponent on the ground, a boxer will stay on their feet, etc.

Easier counter to a kick is to get closer to whoever is trying it, then they won’t have enough room for it to be effective.

If you want realism, avoid fancy, flashy moves. They’re less practical and easier to counter.

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